How to Be Less Vulnerable to Cyber-Attacks

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In the last couple of years, cyber security has been in the news, as hackers remain on a rampage with various cyber-attacks. Their victims include different top organizations like Microsoft, AOL, eBay and even private individuals. What can we do about this? Of course there are many ways we can protect ourselves from them.

Cyber-attacks occur in different ways ranging from the popular hijack of the computer system Control to the denial of computer access accompanied with a request for ransom mostly in crypto-currencies before control is relinquished. It could also be in the form of tampering with personal, highly classified information in a computer. These attacks occur mostly in a subtle, unannounced manner and spread over to even encrypt files before being noticed.

The breach of cyber security in blue-chip companies buttresses the critical nature of the threat that cyber- attacks pose and intensifies the need to protect your personal computer, business computer systems from cyber-attacks.

The following are tips to prevent or reduce the vulnerability of your computer system fromcyber-attacks:

Proper Password Management

Passwords used should be to decipher. This can be achieved by creating a peculiar, super-strong password by proper brainstorm and mixtures of the letters with special characters, numbers and unique symbols.

Another tip on password management is to avoid the use of the same passwords or similar passwords for multiple online accounts. This particular habit makes your entire cyberspace vulnerable to hackers. Once an account is hacked, the hackers gain access to all the platforms.

Passwords should not be written on notebooks, clouds, even sticky notes that can be readily accessed by a third party, the use of password management software can be useful in this particular regard.

The security of your cyberspace can also be achieved by taking advantage of the of the two-factor authentication feature when situation necessitates. This feature is available on popular online platforms like Google’s Gmail, Twitter, drop box, as well as Facebook. However, this has to be activated in the private settings option. This particular feature ensures that its user enters an additional code apart from the password, or uses biometrics like fingerprint before an account is accessed.

The Use of Firewall, Malware Software Programs

The installation of certain cyber security based software like hikvision’s can be used to detect and neutralize cyber-attacks before they start having effects on the computer.This and any other software in your computer system should be always updated in order not to give hackers foothold to your computer systems.

Watch out for warning signs

Preventing cyber-attacks involves having a paradigm shift towards caution and safety during internet use. To this end, certain warning signs or red flags represent cyber-attack “baits’. Some of them include;

  • Website addresses without the usual http:// suffix.
  • Apps from publishers that are not trusted.
  • Email addresses usually spelled wrongly or are laden with wrong grammar.

When you face any of these scenarios during internet use, it is advised you think before you click or provide any important information.

Do a Proper Back Up

Also, in order to maintain the safety of your files in the computer, it is important to back them up so as not to lose and avoid the use of secondary storage devices with questionable integrity to avoid introducing malware to your systems.

The vulnerability of computer can also be reduced to the barest minimum if you continuously have these cautions at the back of your mind while using the internet.